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Viewing Date & Time:
12 May 2021 (Wednesday), 10am - 4pm

Tender Closing Date & Time:
17 May 2021 (Monday), 4pm 

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GUNTHER PAPENMEIER plastic / PVC extrusion & pelletizing production lines with blending system, high-intensity mixers, discharge system, REIFENHAUSER / CINCINNATI twin screw extruders, TOYOTA 2.5t forklift, grinding machine, sievers, woven polypropylene 1-tonne bags, bag closer machine, office containers, electrical cabling, IBC water tanks, hydraulic press, tensile testing machine, unused soya bean oil, assorted powdered raw materials inc. calcium carbonate, stearic acid triple pressed, PVC resin, carbon black powder, titanium dioxide, tri basic lead sulphate, calcium stearate etc.

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