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Dignity Kitchen™ is a training-based social enterprise founded in 2010 and winner of the President Challenge Social Enterprise Award 2015. Dignity Kitchen™ was founded with a mission to create fair-paying training and placement opportunities for Singapore's disabled (physically, mentally, psychologically, and intellectually challenged people) in the Food & Beverage (F&B)  Industry.

This mission is captured by their tagline, "To Educate, To Engage and To Inspire."

To Educate - We have trained and placed over 1200 individuals with disabilities into employment in the last decade and issued over 5000 Statements of Attainment as an Approved Training Organization.

To Engage - Every weekday for the last 10 years, we have given free city tour and lunch treats to the elderly from nursing homes and senior activity centers from all around Singapore. We have engaged over 120,000 elderly and under-privileged individuals since our inception.

To Inspire - We have involved and inspired activities and actions from multinational corporations, schools, and the general public to the tune of 200 social outreach programs each year.

We are currently supporting 128 individuals with gainful employment (85% who are challenged) with Project Dignity Singapore and Hong Kong.

Dignity Kitchen™ continues to grow to meet the ever-increasing demand for fair opportunities for the disabled. As part of their expansion plans, the social enterprise is relocating to 69 Boon Keng Road, Singapore, a 10,000 sq ft facility to train and place even more disabled individuals around Singapore.

The site was approved with special Singapore Land Authority's Tender Board Approval recognized as a Community and Civic Institution. It also has the approval of the Ministry of Social and Family Development.

As part of the fundraising efforts, an item was donated to Dignity Kitchen™ to be auctioned off to the highest bidder. With proceeds going towards the renovation efforts of the new facility.

The new Dignity Kitchen will create employment for 100 Singaporeans, of which 80% of them will be people with disabilities. The new place will allow us to create and introduce new employment concepts such as wheelchair food delivery services and management of a hydroponic plot by intellectually challenged youth. These new concepts will be in conjunction with our existing food stalls run by the disabled and disadvantaged.


"Dignity Blooms" was a panel quilted during the Covid-19 lockdown.  The rich shades of blue – navy, cobalt and royal - to reflect honesty and trustworthiness, emerald greens for harmony, freshness and renewal, and fuchsias to inspire confidence and assurance for the days ahead.  

These colours almost jump out through the quilting of a single large lush bloom.  If you look closely, see if you can spot a bird, a butterfly, a ladybird and a bee hiding on the petals.

This would make a striking, stunning, inspiring wall hanging.

Approximate Dimensions: 106 cm x 106 cm

厨尊美食广场™是一家成立于2010年的以培训为基础的社会企业,并获得了2015年总统挑战社会企业奖。厨尊美食广场™的成立旨在为饮食(F&B) 行业的新加坡残障人士(身体,精神,心理和智力有障碍的人士) 创造公平酬报的培训和就业机会。

他们的标语, “教育,接触和启发” 体现了这项任务。

教育 - 在过去的十年里,我们已经培训了1200多名残障人士并为他们安排就业,并发布了5000多份作为认可培训机构的成就声明。

接触 - 过去10年里的每个工作日,我们为新加坡各地的疗养院和乐龄活动中心的乐龄人士提供免费的市区游和午餐点心。自成立以来,我们已经接触了120,000多名乐龄人士和弱势群体。

启发 - 我们参与和启发了跨国公司,学校和公众的活动和行动,以达到每年200个社会扩展项目。


厨尊美食广场™持续扩张以满足残障人士对公平机会日益不断的需求。 作为其扩张计划的一部分,这家社会企业将迁至一间在新加坡文庆路69号的10,000平方英尺设施,用于培训和安置更多在新加坡各处的残障人士。

该地点获得了新加坡土地管理局招标委员会的特别批准,被认可为社区和公民机构。 它还获得了社会和家庭发展部的批准。


新的厨尊美食广场™将为100名新加坡人士创造就业机会,其中80%将是残障人士。 新的地方将让我们能够创建和引入新的就业概念,例如轮椅送餐服务和由智力障碍青年管理的水耕区。 这些新概念将与我们现有的由残障人士和弱势群体经营的食品摊位相结合。

呈现“尊严盛开”; 一张李学芬夫人手缝棉被


“尊严盛开”是在2019年新型冠状肺炎(Covid-19)阻断措施实行期间缝制的。 丰富的蓝色背景 – 深蓝色,钴蓝色和皇家色调 - 体现了诚实和可信赖,翡绿色代表和谐,清新和更新,而紫红色则激发了人们对未来的信心和保证。  

这些色彩在缝制中几乎像一朵盛开的花朵绽放出来。 如果仔细观察,看看您是否可以发现一只鸟,一只蝴蝶,一只瓢虫和一只蜜蜂藏在花瓣上。


尺寸大约:106厘米 x 106厘米

Early Bird Viewing of Art Work (Photography Allowed): 30th September 2020. 9:30am – 2:30pm

(By Registered Guest List Only, First 50 pax to Register)

率先观赏作品(允许摄影):2020年9月30日上午9:30 –下午2:30(已注册嘉宾名单,只限前50位注册人士)

Public Viewing: 1st October 2020 from 9:30am – 2:30pm 

公开观赏:2020年10月1日上午9:30 –下午2:30

Online Auction Period: 1:00am 1st October 2020 – 4:00pm 15th October 2020

网上拍卖期:2020年10月1日 上午1:00 - 2020年10月15日下午4:00



Please send us your email address through call +65 6333 5668, WhatsApp +65 8223 0954 or email info@robertkhanco.com to register your interest or for more details. 

请通过以下方式向我们发送您的电子邮件地址 致电+65 6333 5668,WhatsApp +65 8223 0954 或发送电子邮件至  info@robertkhanco.com 注册您的兴趣或了解更多详细信息。

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