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Our expertise in the auction arena encompasses multiple asset classes. Our Auction Division has teams across the globe to lead and consult in the areas of inventory liquidation and surplus assets management. Public Tender and Private Treaty Sale are also viable alternatives that we offer to our clients with variable timelines and requirements.

Building on almost two decades of experience, Robert Khan believes that the ideal surplus asset solution is a tailored one. With extensive networks locally and internationally, our marketing team continuously grows our database of potential buyers for your surplus assets or inventory.

Leverage on our experience, expertise and expanding database of regular buyers to expedite the process and turnaround of the sale or liquidation.

Reach out to here the personalized attention you deserve.

Real Estate

Having amassed over 20 years of Real Estate brokering, valuation and sales experience from London to Singapore, we are confident that our team will meet your needs. Positioning your Real Estate lot requires multiple perspectives at different levels of sophistication. Understanding your needs comes first, before we dive into the 4 general categories of Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Shop Houses.

Our expertise and confidence extends to the courthouses, as we offer you the assurance that our research is robust and meticulous enough to be presented in court.

Our certainty and confidence stems from our strong record of exceeding expectations. We assure you that our research is robust, meticulous and personalized. Discover some of our offerings below.

Plant & Machinery

The Plant and Machinery asset class is one that requires technical knowledge and business acumen. Our Auctioneers and Consultants have extensive track records conducting auctions for industrial capital assets from a wide spectrum of different asset categories at the industrial level and various pieces of technology at the commercial and consumer level.

Fine Arts & Antiques


Khan Art Vault™ Collection

An eye for detail and an interest in history are what we looked for when we assembled our team of Fine Art Auctioneers. Fine Arts and Antiques can reveal exciting returns for sellers all around the world as beauty and history often have the ability to capture imaginations and inspire dreams. Our Auctioneers have passed the following types of items under our gavels:

  • Chinese Paintings
  • Antique Furniture & Porcelain
  • Gold Coins, Dutch Silver Coins, Old Banknotes
  • Asian Arts & Crafts
  • Clocks, Watches, Pocket Watches, Pens and other time keepers like German & Dutch Clocks
  • Gold and Platinum Jewellery
  • Semi-Precious Stones, Ivory, Soapstone, Crystals and precious metals


Your prized pieces of art deserve a spot before those who would appreciate them. Khan’s Art Vault™ was commissioned to display and house some of the finest pieces of Art, Antiques and Collectables that have passed under the gavel of Khan Auctioneers. A kaleidoscope of pieces from all over the world, Khan’s Art Vault™ is proud of the unique collections under its care, consisting of oil paintings to jade sculptures and 水墨 pieces. The sponsors of Khan’s Art Vault™ believe that art is one of the best mediums for enriching one's inner life and should be accessible to all who seek to be involved. Khan’s Art Vault™ opens its double doors to aspiring exhibitors to take up their galleries seasonally or even a wall space to showcase their prized pieces. Khan’s Art Vault™ is stationed along Jervois Road, a quiet street just outside the centre of Singapore. If you have a piece that you wish to display, Khan’s Art Vault™ invites you.

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