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Why Robert Khan

Robert Khan is a company that is flush with opportunities to grow and develop. Our existing business with Greater China and the West means that you have the opportunity to be where it matters. As our business expands to other parts of the region, opportunities are created for those who are more adventurous and seek new frontiers, allowing themselves to grow through meeting the exceeding expectations of clients.

People gravitate towards wherever they are appreciated, and as their appreciation with Robert Khan increases they are rewarded fairly. Our members are reviewed by centering on their contribution as members and value as persons.

At Robert Khan we understand that individuals have different aspirations and needs at different stages of life and this is reflected in our commitment to striking a work-life balance and outstation project allocation. Our remuneration is aligned to the aspirations and contribution of each member, making sure that everyone has enough time and resources for themselves.

At Robert Khan we understand that your needs are our needs as well, and that only when our team feels valued and appreciated will they deliver their best. A solid portfolio and experienced management with a proven track record assures our team that their future is both secured and stable. With their needs and concerns addressed, each member of our team can flourish in their own way, allowing themselves to grow through exceeding the expectation of clients.

At Robert Khan, we are defined by our values and actions. We understand that every single player is a key member and every act must be one of integrity. Our organization knows that no contribution is too small.

Charity starts in the home, and philanthropy begins at the workplace. Robert Khan is honoured to be able to support some of the most meaningful causes in Singapore, including the Singapore Symphony Orchestra, SMU Rotary Club Singapore East Bursary Programme, Singapore Lyric Opera and others.

Job Opportunities

  1. Property Valuers
    • More than 5 years of relevant experience in property valuation & investment analysis is a pre-requisite
    • Estate agency exposure is an advantage
    • Degree or Professional Diploma in Estate Management
    • MSISV preferred

  2. Plant & Machinery Valuers
    • More than 5 years of relevant experience for a wide range of industries
    • Auction and liquidation sale of assets experience is an advantage
    • Degree or Diploma in Mechanical/Electrical or Marine Engineering

  3. Business Valuers
    • More than 5 years in the corporate finance, business accounting or M&A related field
    • Possess a CPA or CFA or masters in financial engineering or equivalent qualification
    • Analytical and good with financial modelling on Excel
    • Good report writing and negotiation skills
    • Keen to learn and grow in the business valuation space

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