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Armed with over 20 years of experience in evaluating intangible and tangible assets, Robert Khan appreciates your need for unbiased valuation from an independent source. Our systematic approach, which has been refined over 2 decades, is supplemented by a team that is experienced in your industry. Our experts can hit the ground running and assist you with a comprehensive suite of services, from on-site consultancy to representing your interests in court.

Your interests come first, and our versatility empowers us to assist you in the following endeavours:

  • Expert Witness
  • Mortgage & Loan Security
  • Sale & Purchase
  • Foreclosure
  • Compulsory Acquisition
  • Compensation Claims
  • Fire Insurance
  • Taxation
  • Estate Duty
  • Company Flotations
  • Stock Exchange Submissions
  • Business Sale Preparation
  • Partnership/Shareholder Buy-Outs
  • Purchase Price Assessment
  • Buy/Sell Agreements
  • Exit Planning
  • Fairness Opinions
  • Buy-ins/Capital Infusions
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Partnership Disputes
  • Economic Loss
  • Intellectual Property
  • Intangible Assets

Business Valuation

Business valuation offers a business’ stakeholders crucial insights into the process and progress of the business. The knowledge of the value of a business is a key component of the development of every business. A robust and well-designed study of the business can yield key pieces of information that are invaluable at the highest levels of strategic planning.

In an ever-shifting economic climate, the right decision requires both accuracy and timeliness. At Robert Khan, we deeply understand the complexities faced by companies looking to acquire, liquidate or prepare their Initial Public Offering (IPO).

In almost 2 decades of experience in the field of valuation, Robert Khan has been privileged to be involved in dozens of IPOs over the years. Having an intimate understanding of the legislative, administrative and logistical processes means that no problem is too unique for the team at Robert Khan. For a list of businesses we have worked with click here. The experience and exposure of our team is both deep and wide, spanning decades, asset classes and reaching all the major markets like London, China and Singapore.

At Robert Khan, the peace of mind of our clients comes first. Specialized and dedicated consultants will be assigned to you, so that you can be assured of timely advice that is unbiased and fair.

Meeting your objectives is how we measure our success.

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Real Estate Valuation

Your real estate holdings are as unique as the opportunities they reveal. Robert Khan’s global exposure, regional experience and local position align you favorably with expertise that extends beyond geographical borders.

Robert Khan‘s all-rounded valuation services encompass Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Shophouses, with a special focus on regional projects in China and Myanmar. Robert Khan has signed off on projects ranging from golf courses and shipyards to offices, retail spaces, and industrial and residential properties. With over 20 years of experience in the sector, there is little that our experience does not cover. No matter the size and scope of your portfolio, you can be assured that our team can meet your expectations.

Robert Khan’s consultants have assisted in the following real estate projects:

  • Sentosa Development Corporation's panel of consultants to provide valuation services for properties in Sentosa
  • Family Justice Courts' Panel of Financial Experts (POFE)
  • Supreme Court's panel for appraisal services
  • Housing Development Board (HDB) Mortgage Valuation (Board of HDB-Appointed Valuers)
  • Compulsory Acquisitions
  • Differential Premium and Lease Upgrading (Top-up) Premium
  • Property Tax Assessment
  • Expert Reports

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If your portfolio is a large-scale project, you will have a dedicated consultant to answer your questions. You will always know who to call and we will only be a button away.

Machinery Valuation

Depending on your industry and requirements, we will only assign consultants with extensive experience to your processes which means that you will spend more time moving forward and less time catching up. Robert Khan is active in the auctioneering circuit, giving you access to market insights regarding your Plant or Machinery.

Robert Khan’s consultants are able to assist you in processing industrial plants, machinery, equipment, stock and inventory. The value of surplus assets are intimately linked to the circumstances leading up to its disposal. Robert Khan’s expertise shines here by capturing an accurate holistic picture of the value of your asset so that your interests are met. Going beyond absolute valuation, we also specialize in extracting the residual value of an asset which are pivotal parts of the processes of lending institutions, leasing companies and prospective buyers.

Greater China

Our presence in China informs our clients that we are at the forefront of growth and are recognized by the local authorities. Taking pride as a turn-key solution provider, our holistic approach is cemented in an integrated report, consisting of even the real estate your plant is located on – including its lease or market value. Our consultation transcends international boundaries as Robert Khan evolves to meet your globalized needs. With consultants in the same regions as your assets, our reach extends to meet yours, to give you the insights you need to make the best decision possible. With Robert Khan, we meet your needs and extend your reach.

Fine Arts & Antiques

As your collection grows over time, the ebb and flow of the art scene seeps into your personal galleries and pedestals. Here at Robert Khan, our specialists continue to meet the intricate and specific needs of our increasingly global clientele, by keeping abreast with both local and international developments. Robert Khan’s team has strong roots in both Greater China and Europe, enriching our advice with both depth and breadth.

Private Sales and Auctions have been an intimate part of Robert Khan’s repertoire since our inception almost two decades ago, and the appraisal of your collection forms the core strength of our offerings.

Increasing interest for fine arts and antiques from the East has grown our database of potential buyers, and we are pleased to offer you the opportunity to both value and expose your collection with us.

Robert Khan is proud to have appraised:

  • Chinese Paintings & Fine Art, Antiques & Porcelain
  • Gold Coins, Dutch Silver Coins, Old Bank Notes & Coins
  • Chinese Antique Furniture
  • Asian Arts & Crafts
  • Antique Clocks and Watches
  • Gold and Jade Jewellery
  • General Items: ivory, soapstone, crystals, antique lamps, telephones, safes, locks, carpets, old batiks, bronze statues, all kinds of brush pots, Zisha teapots, snuff bottles, Thangkas paintings, enamel & lacquer


Robert Khan’s consultants’ extensive experience in the arena of valuation are offered to you for the purpose of appraising your most prized personal artefacts.

Your prized pieces of art deserve a spot before those who would appreciate them. Khan’s Art Vault™ was commissioned to display and house some of the finest pieces of Art, Antiques and Collectables that have passed under the gavel.

A kaleidoscope of pieces from all over the world, Khan’s Art Vault™ is proud of the unique collections under its care, consisting of oil paintings to jade sculptures and 水墨 pieces.

Personal Property appraisals are sought for the following purposes:

  • Estate Tax
  • Insurance
  • Damage Claims
  • Sale
  • Donation
  • Dissolution of marriage
  • Equitable Distribution

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