Robert Khan
Chief Executive Officer



After his service in several international property consultancies in Malaysia, Singapore and the United Kingdom, Robert Khan established Robert Khan & Co Pte Ltd in 1997, where he continued to lead the execution of major auction, valuation and marketing projects around the region, including in China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar and Malaysia.

Robert is a Chartered Surveyor qualified in both the Plant & Machinery and Real Estate Divisions, and a Professional Member of the following institutions: Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (MRICS), International Association of Consultants, Valuators and Analysts (International Certified Valuation Specialist) & Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM). He regularly appears in court as an expert witness for property and plant & machinery dispute resolutions.

He authored a book titled “Factory Services”, published by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. He is also a past president of the Rotary Club of Singapore East.

Chief Operating Officer



Eric is the Chief Operating Officer and is responsible for the various valuation projects undertaken by Robert Khan. Eric has executed successful valuation projects both locally and internationally across various asset classes. From tangible assets such as Real Estate and Plant and Machinery, to intangible assets such as business units and Intellectual Property, Eric leverages his extensive experience and aligns his services towards creating the best value for clients of Robert Khan.

The high-quality work produced by Eric and his team has been purposed for Mergers and Acquisitions, Liquidations, Financial Statements, Life Cycle Analysis and other high level transactions.

Eric was trained by a prominent international American consultancy with offices based in Thailand, Hong Kong and The Philippines. Eric’s business philosophy is to always place the interests of clients first and be sincere about going the extra mile for them.

Eric has brought over to Robert Khan over 30 years of precise experience in the field of valuation, and has been contributing at the highest level for Robert Khan since 2002. Eric believes that from clarity comes assurance, and that the mark of a world-class valuation specialist is the ability to communicate jargon-free to those outside the industry.

Lim Chai Soon B.Com
Fine Arts & Antiques Principal Consultant



Inspired by his mentors and teachers from a very young age, Mr Lim Chai Soon developed a special interest in Chinese History and Geography, and the cultural relics associated around them. A specialist in Art and Antiques, Mr Lim Chai Soon has contributed to the academic scene in Singapore for four years as a teacher.

A diligent student, Mr Lim Chai Soon continued learning and obtained a British accounting, auditing and valuation diploma, which led him into the world of auctions and valuation. After six years mastering the craft, Mr Lim Chai Soon moved on to launch his own enterprise dealing in Chinese and European Art and Antiques, which flourished over the course of 11 years.

Mr Lim Chai Soon was also invited to serve as an art consultant for international companies over a span of 14 years.

From a deep and intimate understanding of the Orient, Mr Lim Chai Soon’s experience expanded across different genres of art and his 40 years of industry experience became highly sought after by many. There are few artefact-types in the oriental art world he has not valued or sold. From art investors, insurers, major banks and private collectors, those who knew they had something valuable would be referred to the accurate assessment of Mr Lim. Mr Lim has contributed to Robert Khan the breadth of his experience since 2002. His expertise covers a wide repertoire. Mr Lim has been regularly invited to act as an expert witness before a court of law, further cementing his position as an authority in the world of Art and Antique Valuation.

A specialist in Art, Antiques, and Jewellery, Mr Lim and his team look forward to assisting you to value artefacts that are most valuable to you or your organization.

在殖民地50 中年代受教育于华中, 受老师的教导及影响, 对于中华历史地理以及文物有特别的爱好. 学习多样化的艺术品及古玩, 到60 年初高中毕业, 短暂当了4年美术老师.

勤于自学, 考取英国的会计, 审计以及估价文凭. 进了拍卖公司及估价行, 工作了6年. 后来自己经商中国及欧洲的艺术品及古玩工艺品共11 年. 当了艺术品以及财务顾问于国际公司共14年. 退休后参于目前公司– 简有为商业资产及机械咨询公司– 当顾问已有12年, 估价买卖以及法庭公正. 有关艺术品, 古玩, 珠宝, 其他艺术品. 总共四十多年的工作经验.


William Hanlin Jr

Consultant (Business / Intangible Assets)

Dr Tan Poi Sik

Consultant (Technical Assessment of Plants)

Capt. M. S. Kulwant Singh

Consultant (Survey & Valuation of Marine Vessels & Yachts)

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